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Twenty classics from Prince on two playlists to remember the man who was so much more than a musician. Someone who taught us that there isn’t just one way to be a man. Someone who had talent, class, passion, and no problem being the baddest motherfucker on the planet.

Time to get your funk on! If anyone knew how to start a party, it was Prince. Here are volumes one and two of our favorite Prince cuts. Vol. 2 has a few deeper cuts as well as some of the sexier jams.


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Violent Femmes, Old Man Canyon, Miya Folick, Andy Shauf, EP, Pinegrove, Pet Cemetery, Cigarettes After Sex, Pet Cemetery, Nice Legs


Getting back to business as usual with a heaping helping of garage rock that will get your hips moving and your feet tapping! Follow Indielist if you’d like to be notified when there is a new mix put out. Next week we’re going to be taking it down a notch or three with the first of our two part playlist of ambient and acoustic jams.


Maybe it’s self induced music therapy, maybe it’s to celebrate the amazing talent of an extrodinary human being…but any way you look at it, David Bowie was important to a lot of people. I am certainly a part of that family.

So here are some other members of that family, each with a song to sing. Even in sadness, David Bowie’s music can still make you want to get up on your feet. There are a few renditions in this mix that really remind me of how much of a gift he was to the world.

Every day since the day I was born, David Bowie was out in the world doing David Bowie things. Until Sunday, that is. Wherever you are now, I hope it is fantastic and that you know how much the world loved you. Feel free to come back whenever you’d like.

I enjoyed making this special edition even though the circumstances suck. It just goes to show that a well written song, in the hands of a musician that cares can be a magical experience. I hope you enjoy and that you’re hanging in there.

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